K.M.IL – Krav Maga, the Imi Lichtenfeld Method

K.M.IL is a non-profit organization created to enable any member of the public to learn how to defend themselves. Additional goals of the organization are to address the needs of Krav Maga practitioners and promote and spread Krav Maga in Israel and abroad in the most professional manner possible.


During July there will be a summer camp for 5-9 yo kids at Binyamina: 26.7-30.7, 8:30am-13:00pm
During August there will be a summer camp for ages 5-15 at Zichron Yaakov: 2.8-6.8 and 9.8-13.8, 8:30am-13:00pm

We have opened new branches of K.M.IL in Israel:
Marom Hagalil (Near Zfat) for more details contact Maor at 972-54-630-53-53 or Ilan at 972-50-292-72-27 kids and adults groups

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