Yoni Bhonker

Yoni Bhonker
Black belt - dan 2
Course instructors from Institute "Wingate" Began training in Ilan Fadlon in 2002

Yoni started his way in Krav Maga after an incident that happened to him as a young teenager, he was leaveing the cinima after wathcing a movie with a friend, when another teenager threatened them using a knife. Fortunately it ended well, Yoni then realized that he cannot defende himself and deceded to to something about it. He joined  Krav Maga under the instruction of Master Ilan Fadlon.
Yoni quickly started an intensive training routine and was also chosen several times for outrsanding student. In addition to his trinings he was also helping Ilan Fadlon in training the kids, teens and adult groups.
Yoni graduated the Krav Maga instructors' course in the summer of 2004.

On october 2005 he took part in the shooting of "Fight Quest", a documentry tv show for the Discovery channel, which was filmed in Israel and as aired at 2008 both in the USA and in Israel.
On April 2013, when the K.M.IL organization was founded, Yoni accepted the request of Master Ilan Fadlon and other instructors and became the CEO of the organization and help run the bussiness side of the newly founded org.

In addition to his involvment in running the K.M.IL organization and taking part in several voluntary activities, Yoni is a Ph.d student of Molecular Genetics at the Medical Faculty at the Tel Aviv University. He luctures,studies and explores Genetics and its effect on human an the society