Yuval kohavi

Yuval kohavi
Black belt - dan 1
Began training in 1992 with Ilan Fadlon

Yuval began practicing Krav Maga at the age of 12 at the Zichron Yaakov community center, where Ilan Fadlon was teaching.

He was a young teenager, average looking and during his trainings he became a fit young man with one outstanding quality - speed!

Over the time he realized that beeing a Krav Maga warrior is not about how tour body is built or physical size, it's about mental ability, determination, fighting spirit and creativity.

Yuval was training harder and harder. The hobbie of Krav Maga soon beacame the most meaningful thing in his life. Training Krav Maga became a top priority, higher than meating friends or study.

Over the time Yuval and his trianing friend Ran DaLoyah began training for black belt grading test. In 1999 they pssed the test and became Master Ilan Fadlons' first ever black belt students.

Yuval was drafted to the IDF and served as an officer and warrior at the Paratroops unit. During his army service he kept on trining by himself and in different militery training programs, he even taught his friends at the unit and the soldiers he commanded.

He was discharged in 2003, traveled the world and started studying. He was working as a security guards at a government office.

Yuval lived in Tel Aviv for a while,he now lives in Binyamina and works as an Art-director and graphic disigning at an advertising company.