Ya'ir Preiss

Ya'ir Preiss
Black belt - dan 1
Began training in Ilan Fadlon in 1998

Ya'ir was born and raised in Kibbutz Ktora in the Negev. As a young boy, he tried out different martial arts including Boxing and Kung Fu, Ikido and Karate. At the age of 10, his family moved from the Kibbutz to Binyamina. Ya'ir discovered Krav Maga at the community center there, where Ilan Fadlon was coaching.

Ya'ir realized the simplicity and efficiency of the Israeli martial art and he decited to learn as much as he can. At the age of 17 he passed the black belt grading test along with Yeela Elyashar.

Ya'ir felt that practincing Krav Maga has contributed to his confidence and fitness.

Ya'ir served at the IDF as an Armor Unit warrior, and faought in the Lebanon at the summer of 2006, He was also fighting in several opporations all over Israel and its boundries.

A few months after his discahrge, Ya'ir kept on training. After a while he deceted to move to New-York to study and work there. He contacted Rhon Mizrachi, and began triaining at this Krav Maga center.

Today Ya'ir lives in New- York, he is a student and most of his time is spent on studying and working. He is visiting Israel every couple of years and always makes sure to contact his old training buddies and his coach Ilan.