Shay Alex Kucharenko

Shay Alex Kucharenko
Black belt - dan 1
A certificate Krav Maga instructor from the Institute of "Wingete" Began training in 2001 Ilan Fadlon

Shay was born in the Ukraine, he moved to Israel with his parents at 1991. As a child Shay was always interested in Martial arts, he was first training with his dad at Boxing and then tried Judo and Karate and was even a Blue belt in Karate.

At he age of 13, Shay began training Krav Maga at the Zichron Yaakov community center with the coach Ilan Fadlon.

Shay liked the fact that Krav Maga is so effective and simple to learn and he took his training very seriously, successfully passing many grading tests and at the age of 16 he passes the test for blue belt, even then he was interested in teaching Krav Maga ans passing on his knowledge. As a result Shay became an assistant to Ilan Fadlon for a year an a half, helping with the kids and teen groups.

As time passed by, with a lot of encouragement and support from Ilan Fadlon, Shay passed the brown belt test at the age of 17, he was graded and tested infront of the Proffetional Commitee.

On August 2007 he graduated top of his class of the Instructors cours at the Wingate institution.

After the instructors course, Ilan began preparing Shay towards the black belt grading test and on Fabruary 2008 Shay passed the test.

Shay served at the IDF as a commander of the immigrants class and special needs teens, he used a lot of his knowledge during that time.

Shay was helping another instrucror in opening a Krav Maga center in London, he spent a few months there, working as an instrcutor, after a while he returned to Israel.

These days Shay lives in Jerusalem and works there in scurity jobs.