Roy Gersario

Roy Gresario
Black belt - dan 1
A certificate Krav Maga Istructor, Kickboxing instructor and Gym instructor from the "Wingate" Institute. Began training in 1996 Ilan Fadlon

Roy found himself in the world of martial arts when he was 6 years old in Quiryat Ata, where he was practicing Karate at Sik Israel and as time passed by he became a brown belt in Karate. During that time he was rated second place in Israel in Karate fights.

When he turned 14 his family moved to Zichron Yaakov and when he was 16 one of his friends took him to a Krav Maga lesson at the community center, where Ilan Fadlon was teaching. The rest is history, he never left.

In 2006 he graduated the instructors course at Wingate institute. In 2009, after a few brakes due to a service in the Army and traveling the world Roy finally passed his black belt test. Since that time he has been coaching and studying. He even had a group of teens at risk in Rehovot.

In addition to Krav Maga and Karate, Roy also practiced Thai boxing. During 2003 he participated in a Muai Thai training camp at Koh-Samui, Thailand and even fought in the ring in a local competition. He represented Israel at the Amateurs World Champinships of 2003 at  Almaty, Kazakhstan.

These days Roi is a student in the Hebrew University and has also Joined the Gym instrucrtos cours and Earo-Box instructors cours.

After years of training, Roy sees martial arts and Krav Maga in specific as a way of life, he hopes to still learn and teach for many more years.

Roy is recovering from Knee injouries. He is very interested in knowing what is going on in the K.M.IL organization and he is still a student. He hopes to have a chance to get back to training soon.