Yehonathan Carmi

Yehonathan Carmi
Black belt - dan 1
A certificate Krav Maga insructor from the instetute of Wingate. Training since 1998

Yehonatan was born in 1992. He has been training Krav Maga since 1998. He was training at the Binyamina community center with the coach Ilan Fadlon. He began his trining in order to stay fit and get in good shape, after a while he realized that he is gaining confidence, determination and many good qualities which gave him the drive to keep on training and moving forward.

Yehonthan was chosen as the outstanding student of his class a several times, due to his  hard work.

Durin 2005 he started helping Ilan Fadlon and Yeela Elyashar ans was an assistant coach in the Binyamina community center. At the age of 15.5 he passed the test for brown belt together with his training friend Yonni Weizenberg and on the summer of 2009 he graduated the Wingate institute instructors cours.

In 2010, after an intensive training of a few long months both Yehonathan and Yoni passed the test for black belt.

Yehonathat feels that Ilan and Yeela and the Krav Maga contributed him both physically and mentally and he hopes to keep on training and teaching.

Yehonathan finished a long service at the IDF.