Yam Tzalisher

Yam Tzalisher
Black belt - dan 1
A certificate guide from the Institute of Krav Maga Wingate Began training in 2003 in Ilan

As a child, Yam was trining Judo. He began his way in Krav Maga after his friend Shay invited him to a class at the Zichron Yaakov commuinty center.

Yam was highly motivated from the very beginning, he was trining hard and passed many tests successfuly.

In 2007 he passed the brown belt grading test in front of the professional committee.

Yam was interested in teaching Krav Maga and later that year he joind the instructors cours at the Wingate Institute.

On August 2007 he was drafted to the IDF and served as a Krav Maga instructor at Israeli Navy.

During his service, Yam kept on training hard whenever he had the chance. When he was discharged he began training for the black belt test along with his friend Nadav Bhonker. After 6 months of intensive work and trainings they passed the black belt grading test.

Yam is a student in Jerusalem these days. He keeps on trianing whenever he can, he even opened a few self defence classes in Jerusalem.