Nadav Bahonker

Nadav Bhonker
Black belt - dan 1
Began training in 2002 with Ilan Fadlon

Nadav began training in 2002 with Ilan Fadlon, after his older brother Yoni also joined the Krav Maga.

Nadav was always very serious and worked hard and intensively durnig trainings.

In 2004 he was an assistant instructor to Ilan Fadlon and at 2007 he was tested for brown belt along with this friend Yam Tzalisher. They both passed the test and became brown belts.

Shortly after the test, Nadav was drafter to the IDF and served at the Artillery corps. During his service he graduated the commanders course of tghe Artliiery corps and served as a commander of the Tiger troops. During that time Nadav was serving at Ramat Hagolan, near Lebanon.

after his service as acommander he became an instructor at commanders course and was  in charge of the development of these courses.

In 2010 he was discharged and began training towards his black belt grading test, also with his friend Yam.

After 6 months of intensive training they both passed the test.

Nadav is a student at the Technion institute in Haifa. Krav Maga is a big part of Nadavs' life and he keeps on training whenever he can.