Einat Miller

Einat Miller
Black belt - dan 1
BA in Psychology and education, MA in Transportation saftey, A certificate Krav Maga Instructor from the instetute of Wingate, Began training at 2004 with Ilan fadlon

Einat was born in 1972 and started training Krav Maga after her 5 years old son strated training.

Einat saw a few lessons and decided that she is intereted in knowing Krav Maga so that she can know how to protect herself and have mor confidence, she was also looking for an interesting physical activity and sport.

Einat was diagnosed woth MS ( Moltiple sclerosis) at 1994, it mainly effected her legs and harmed them, therefore she knew that if she would ever be undder attack, she can't run, so Krav Maga was the answear for her, it provided her alternative ways of dealing with an attacker.

Having two little kids at home, Einat started training for once a week, she immediately fell in love with Krav Maga. Einat found out that she is enjoying the hard training, getting progress, getting stronger and getting into shape.

It wasn't easy for her to pass the grading tests. Her coach Ilan Fadlon insisted on hard work and more hours of exercising and training. Gradually, Einat started adding more and more hours of training to her schedule and after 4.5 years Einat started training 4 times a week and a few more personal trainings at home.

This hard work and determination allowed her to test for brown belt. On February 2010, Einat passed the brown belt grading test. On November 2011 She passed the grading test for Black belt.

Due to the effect of the MS on her legs she was unable to take te test like everyone else, so her test was divided to three parts. Shai and Yeela helped her during her test and were her partners and attackers during the tests. She was tested infront of the professional committee including GM Haim Zut and Master Uri Refeli.

On the summer of 2011 Einat joined the instructors course at the Wingate institiute.

Today she is a certified instructor, she is interested in teaching people and children with special-needs. Her first attempt  was at a self-defense workshop for people with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) such as herself. Most of them were sitting in a wheelcahir and the experience they all had made her want to focus on that population.

On November 2014 Einat began an advertising campaign of a new program combining her amazing life story and self defense workshops and courses for all ages. She has already  taught the first course at a senior-citizens day care in Or Aquiva. 

One of her "students" in this course is Lidiya, 75 years old lady, who is now taking an active part of our trainings, twice a week.

Einat is assisting Ilan Fadlon and Yeela Elyashar in coaching the very young kids groups in Binyamina for many years now, and helps young and adults at getting ready for grading tests.

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