Ariel lugasi

Ariel Lugasi
Black belt - dan 2
A certificate Krav Maga Guide from the Institute of "Wingete" Began training in 2003 Ilan Fadlon

Areil Lugasi was born on 1995. He joined Krav Maga at 2003 when he was 8 years old. His sister suggested that he should join to improve his fitness and confisence.

After a couple of years Ariel was extremely interested and showed much enthusiasm, he was helping Ilan and Yeela in training the young kids at the Zichron Yaakov commuinty center.


Ariel used to come to the community center after school and stayed ther till the late hours, learning about the way of beeing an instructor, exercising and helping. He used to join Ilan and Yeela during school vacations to help with the training camps.

Ariel was also part of the first class of the "Krav Maga Performance Team", and was part of this group for 5 years.

In 2011, Ariel joined the istructors course at the Wingate institute. During that time he was training towards his black belt grading test. Later that year he passed the test for black belt and was one of the top graduates of the instructors course.

Ariel kept helping Ilan and Yeela as much as he could, prepering young kids and teens to various grading tests including brown belts.

In 2013 he succesfully passed the 2nd dan black belt grading test.

Arie keeps coming over for trainings whenever he can, and keeps helping Yeela and Ilan whenever he is on vacation.

Ariel sees the Krav Maga as a huge part of his life and is certain that he will keep on training and teachin in the future.