Elad salomon

Elad salomon
Black belt - dan 1
Began training in 2007 with Ilan Fadlon

Elad was born in Haifa on 1996. As a youg boy Elad was interested in martial arts. He began practicning Judo in Haifa, but after a few months his family moved to Giva'at Ada. There were no Judo lessons for kids his age in Giva'at Ada, the only option was Krav Maga.

in 2000 he began trining Krav Maga in Giva'at Ada under Yaron Stil, 4th dan black belt in Krav Maga. From the very begining, Elad fell in love with Krav Maga and was determined. He was making a great progress and was passing many grading tests successfully.

As a young boy, Elad was exposed to quite a few violent situations, Krav Maga changed him and over the years gave him the ability to defend himself.

In 2007 The Krav Maga center in Giva'at Ada was closed. Elad joined his friend Gonen and they started training at the Binyamina community center, under Ilan Fadlon. Elad was highly motivated and at the age of 14 even began a training program of 5 Krav Maga classes a week. That same year, Elad passed his brown belt grading test and avout a year later, in 2011, at the age of 15 he was tested for black belt along with Yuval Ganir. They both passed successfully, their test was considered to be one of the best tests for black belt.