Ilan fadlon

Ilan Fadlon, 5th dan black belt in Krav Maga, Sports and martial arts trainer, Wingate graduate, a member of the professional committee of Krav Maga face to face combat.

Ilan Fadlon ,41 years old  from Pardes Hanna, has begun his way in Krav Maga at the age of 10 , when he signed up to Krav Maga lessons in Pardes Hanna Community Center with Haim Zut as his coach (red belt, now president of the K.A.P.A.P). Soon Krav Maga became a very important part in  Ilan's life who as a child  spent much of his time in various sports activities. Ilan felt that Krav Maga contributed alot to the design of his personality and gave him confidence and self-discipline.
At the age of 17, after intensive training and devoting all his energy to Krav Maga, Ilan was certified as 1st Dan black belt.

Head of the examine committee at the time was Imi Light field (Lichtenfeld) - founder of Krav Maga system.
 Besides his training with Haim Zut, Ilan began to practice, before the army, with coach Uri Rafaeli (senior apprentice of Haim Zut) . simultaneously he successfully passed Krav Maga instructor's course at  "Wingate."
After he got his certification, Ilan started to train groups in different places in Pardes Hanna (Beit Eliezer, Gan Shmuel, schools etc.). Many students have begun to join the circle of Krav Maga under his guidance, and soon he gained a reputation and his name has become famous in the area.

Ilan, a vsenior coach, notes that the improvement in students, both professionally and mentally, gives him great satisfaction.
In 1989 he joined the army and was forced  temporarily to leave the field of training.
Ilan spent his military service in a Training Base  at Tzrifin. Ilan commanded groups of recruits, and within this role has gained experience working with youth with special needs.
After his military service Ilan had a surgery in his shoulder that was hurt when he was still a child, during combat training and over the years its condition worsened. After the rehabilitation from the surgery, Ilan returned to train with Uri Rafaeli (8 th Dan Red Belt and currently a professional committee chairman). Uri kept in touch with Ilan during the rehabilitation , supported and encouraged the gradual return to training. At the same time Ilan returned to guide in various places, including Binyamina community centers and community centers in  Zichron Yaacov  which over the years have become major Krav Maga centers.
From 1996 -1998 ,When he is a 2nd dan black belt, he passed sports trainers and martial arts course from the Wingate Institute.

To expand his knowledge in training methods and strength exercises Ilan also took Gym Operators Course from Wingate Institute.
Over the years, as he progresses through the ranks, Ilan has developed a training system taught at all ages from pre-school children, youth, teenagers, and adults. His students reached remarkable achievements in the field. In 1999 the first two apprentices Yuval Kohavi and Ran Daloya passed the black belt tests. After them, quite a few more students have passed the professional committee 1st Dan black belt and above tests. Many of his students have successfully passed training courses on behalf of the Wingate Institute and are engaged in Krav Maga training today,

Ilan, now a senior rank of 5th dan black belt (since august 2007), coaches together with two senior apprenticeship Yeela Elyashar(3rd Dan black belt) and Avivit Cohen handel(3rd dan black belt), scores of students of all ages.

Ilan, in his activity in Krav Maga, initiates a variety of activities related to Krav Maga other than the standard classes: training camps, seminars, conferences, Krav Maga (K.A.P.A.P) Association team and more.