Lea Dray

Back belt dan 3, Krav Maga Istructor
A certificate Krav Maga instructor and fitness instructor from the Institute of "Wingete"

Lea Dray was born in France, when she was 8 her family moved to Israel, she already had 2 years experience in Judo by then.

Her father, who also had some experience in Krav Maga in his past, has recomended her to join the Krav Maga classes. Lea took his advice and she remembers that she felt that she wants Krav Maga to be a part of her life, she had that feeling already from the first lesson. She than set a goal - to become a black belt.

In 1999, after 3 years of intensive training, her coach Yaron Stil, decided to use her enthusaism and love to Krav Maga and let her help him teach with him as his assistant ar the Givat Ada community center. During that time Lea kept on training and moving forward.

In 2001 Lea passed the grading test for brown belt, during that time she joind Yron and was helping him at every place he was coaching: Pardes Hanna, Givat Ada, Alona and more. Lea learned a lot from her coach, Yaron. She acquired much knowledge about teaching children and adults.

לאה דרי

In 2003, when she was only 15 years old, Lea passed the grading test for black belt, one of the coaches at the proffessional committee, who was testing her, was Master Uri Refaeli.

In 2006 Lea joind the IDF and was a Krav Maga instructor who worked with soldiers who were categorized as difficult to handle and at risk, she was discharged at the end of 2008.

After her discharge she got right back to training Krav Maga with her coach, Yaron Stil.

לאה דרי

From that point on there were two women who came into her life - Yeela Elyashar and Avivit Cohen.

Yeela, who was working as a coach at that time, heard that Lea was about to leave her job at Israel Railways as a security guard and recomended her friend Avivit to use Lea as an instructor by her side. Avivit took her under her wing and, just like an older sister, opened doors and opportunities to Lea, who was a young instructor at the time.

Avivit and Lea are working togerhter at the Givat Ada community center and in Hadera in several places. Lea is also coaching at Neve Michael school, working with a center for girls at risk, and teaching in Maagan Michael under the supervision of Master Ilan Fadlon.

On April 2014 Lea passed the grading test for 3rd dan black belt.